"This experience has changed my life." "I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make changes to better themselves. Thank you Wayne for the kick start towards a better me." 

ShayneCardwell, QLD,

 Today I like to say thanks to ... “Tranceformed Living” gave me so much value and support to create a better life and they still do. 


 "Enabling me to see a brighter future" "I have been working with Wayne for the last 2 weeks with hypnosis for weight loss and for getting rid of the negative emotions in my life with Time Techniques and NLP. I hope to be able to lose 17 kg over the next 4 months and the work we have done with the negative emotions are enabling me to see a brighter future!" 

MelodyMareeba, QLD

 "I never dreamed I could be a non-smoker this easily" "I found that by doing the Smoke Free Future program, it helped me to stop smoking really easily. Being free from the smokes is an amazing thing that has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. All I can say is that if you are ready to finally become a non-smoker. Then there is no easier way than using this program. THANK YOU Wayne and Tranceformed Living, I never dreamed that I could be a non-smoker this easily." 

JohnMareeba, QLD

 Thanks to Wayne I am feeling really confident and looking forward to my new life. I have been a substance abuser my whole adult life Thanks to Wayne I am feeling really confident and looking forward to my new life. I feel I had tried everything possible to kick the addictions but I still craved / thought / pictured / dreamt of always using. During and now at the completion of Wayne's sessions all my thoughts and even my dreams are completely different now as he has given me several pathways to go down and not just the addict lifestyle. Thanks Wayne 

Kerri-AnnAirlie Beach, QLD

 "He highly recommends people try it". My husband Rob had this done on Wednesday. He found it to be very relaxing for body and mind. Said it was a great experience and will definitely go back for another one. His body feels real good and he feels great within himself. He highly recommends people try it. 

Panui - Mareeba, QLD

 Wayne's knowledge and skill has reduced my pain levels each visit. I have been unable to stand without pain to working a normal physical job. 


 As usual my experience was wonderful, enlightening and uplifting...I would highly recommended seeing Wayne or Jo for one of their amazing sessions :)