Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment, the aim of which is to produce a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of well being through inhalation and massage of essential oils. The essential oils are derived from plants and are chosen for their particular therapeutic qualities which are stimulating, refreshing or sedative.

Aromatherapy does not aim to deal with disease - its aim is to release well being, harmony and improved mental and physical health.

In this modern life we are bombarded each day with an ever increasing number of stressors. Noise, air pollution, financial problems, uncertainty about the future, all contribute to the general stress situation.

Stress produces a state of muscular tension - the heart is made to work harder - valuable energy is burned up unnecessarily - we become fatigued and sometimes depressed, and our resistance to infection and disease is drastically reduced.

Since the causes of stress seem to be here to stay, we can deal with the effects of stress through treatments specially designed to relax away tension, restore vitality, and reduce the workload of the heart, nerves, etc. Such treatments nearly always include massage. Since massage affects circulation of the blood, the muscles, the nervous system, and organs of the body, when administered by a competent qualified practitioner, in addition to being a most effective treatment for symptoms arising directly from stress situations, massage can greatly reduce pain in many arthritic and rheumatic conditions, it can hasten a number of the body's processes for healing, and actually change a person's psychological mood.

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