10 Jan
14 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence grows through a series of experiences and challenges over a lifetime. 

Each day, you are given several opportunities to build your confidence through uncomfortable situations, difficult conversations, and moments of stress. 

It is your reaction to these opportunities that determines your strength, resolve, and courage.

Through practice and preparation, you really can boost your confidence!

Review these 14 self-reflection questions below (link to a worksheet below):

1. What can I do to boost my confidence through how I look and feel?

Look good, feel great.

     • Be a sharp dresser

     • Stay in shape

2. How does my body language paint a vivid picture of my confidence?

Let your body language show confidence.

     • Stand up straight

     • Be relaxed and open

     • Walk quickly

     • Hold your head up

     • Make eye contact

     • Smile and the world smiles with you

3. What positive affirmations and motivational quotes do I rely on?

Use positive self-talk throughout your day.

     • Make use of affirmations

     • Keep your inner dialogue positive

4. What is my SMART goal for this week, month, and year?

Set SMART Goals.

     • Specific

     • Measurable

     • Attainable

     • Realistic

     • Timely

5. Who is important in my life? Do I treat them with an abundance of love and kindness?

Maintain positive relationships.

     • Give compliments

     • Receive compliments graciously

     • Follow the Golden Rule

     • Be honest

     • Show kindness and love

     • Sandwich constructive criticism in between good points

     • Look for the best in others and bring it out

     • Admit your mistakes and apologise when you are wrong. 

     • Eliminate gossip

6. When I reflect on my situation, what are my successes? In what way can I improve?

Look within yourself.

     • Strengthen your strengths

     • Determine your passions and pursue them

     • Write a “me” speech• Improve your weaknesses

7. What am I passionate about?

Do things you enjoy.

     • Reinforces your value

     • Sharpen your skills

8. Who and what am I grateful for? Why?

Feel gratitude.

     • Reflect on the good

     • Keep a gratitude journal

9. How do I exhibit my leadership attributes to others?

Speak up and be noticed.

     • Sit in the front

     • Have something to say

10. Who do I surround myself with? Positive, like-minded individuals or toxic people?

Seek the company of positive people.

     • Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

     • Avoid negative people

11. What do I strongly value and believe in?Am I willing to make sacrifices for my beliefs? Why?

Live by your principles.

     • Know what's important to you

     • Always do what you believe is the right thing

     • Desire things because you want them, not because                          someone else does

     • Don't compare yourself. Your worth doesn’t depend on                    others

12. How do I challenge myself to go outside of my comfort zone?

Challenge yourself.

     • Expand your comfort zone

     • Set ambitious goals

13. What do I have to celebrate today?

Celebrate frequently.

     • Reward yourself for a job well done

     • Become more aware of each success along the way

14. When the going gets tough, how do I react?

Act confident.

     • “Fake it ‘til you make it”

     • Smile

     • Help someone

     • Dress for success

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